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Scoring Projections

Every single day we unveil scoring projections for both Fanduel and DraftKings. These projections are solid, baseline projections to help you identity valuable players each week. They are heavy on recent performance, pitching matchup and ballpark factor. Available in CSV format for easy use in lineup optimizers.

Past and Current Game Logs

The raw data that you’ll need to find an edge in DFS. We’ve compiled every game log for every player to help you identify trends. The logs are available in both online and CSV formats. The online versions are searchable, sortable and filterable to easily find any game or player you are looking for. The CSV download is perfect for plug-and-play into projections or the model of your choice.

Player Profiles

A unique tool that we’ve created to help you visualize trends for each player. The Player Profile¬† shows you the fantasy output for every player in the league, by each game. This will allow you to break down the season into any segment you want, to see who’s hot and who’s cold.

Team Offenses

Stacking team offenses is so important in baseball DFS so we built a tool to help you identify the most valuable teams. You can segment any portion of the season to see the best/worst offenses and compare them to their average salaries. This allows you to determine the “most valuable” offenses compared to their actual prices.