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Data & Tools


Historic Game Logs

The raw data! Every box score, fantasy scoring and salary as far back as I have access to.


Cheat Sheets

The daily/weekly look at all the relevant stats for that fantasy slate. Includes recent and historic performances, making research a breeze.


Player Profiles

Take a look at each player individually, tracking their recent performances and salary trends.


Points Allowed By Defense

Find out which teams allow the most fantasy points to each opposing position.


Strokes Gained (PGA)

Take a deep dive into the Strokes Gained numbers for each golfer or tournament.

Course Correlations (PGA)

Which stats are the most important for the course that week? This is a 12 year look-back of which stats found fantasy success.

Production Shares (NFL)

See which players are receiving the most usage (rush attempts, targets & redzone opportunities).

More Coming!

Rick is constantly upgrading and adding more tools. If you want to see something, send an email!

What You’ll Get

Interactive Data Tools

We provide the data to power your research process! With the new interactive data tools, you’ll be able to search for any player, filter by any date range, sort by any statistic and much more! You can now customize what you see and how you see it, taking control of your lineup decisions.

Custom Visuals

Every tool on the site is built by Rick, himself. That means you won’t find these exact tools anywhere else and Rick builds them based on your feedback! Some of the most popular tools include the raw Game Logs, Cheat Sheets and Player Profiles. Want to see something else? Send Rick an email and he will add it to the list!

This Is Not A Tout Service!

This is a research service. The goal is to empower you with all the data and visualizations that you need to make decisions. The goal is to shorten the time you need to research a slate and provide you the tools to quickly identify the best/worst plays. At the end of the day, we want you to win and lose with your own decisions. We just want to help you make the best decisions!

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For the first time ever, I’ve created a private Slack channel so that our little community can stay in touch. I use this as a place to discuss strategy, share new data visuals and sweat contests! It’s available for $5 a month.